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Neptune Township School District Case Study

With Edvocate’s processes, expertise and experience they provided us with very realistic and workable options based upon our needs, our goals and the culture of our district. Their recommendations helped us improve our custodial, maintenance and grounds functions. I would highly recommend their services to any district.”
– Mr. David Mooij, Superintendent

Client:Neptune Township School District, New Jersey
Situation:The district was completing an extensive renovation and new building program, increasing its square footage by 70% from 571,330 to 917,630 square feet. With all this new space coming on line, the district wanted to evaluate its custodial, maintenance and grounds functions.
Edvocate:Performed on and off-site observation, interviewing, data collection, modeling and analysis.Provided an assessment that included reviewing, analyzing and making recommendations related to standard operating procedures, training programs, staffing, equipment, procurement, cleaning supplies, building survey, union contract issues, re-organizing the department with two self operated options as well a two outsourcing options.

Developed options that would allow all schools in the district to look and operate as if they were brand-new.

Developed a more efficient and cost-effective program.

Result:The School Board decided to stay self-operated and adopted recommendations from our assessment that provide the district with an organizational structure that will support their goal of having their schools look and run as the day they were opened. The entire program, including staffing and leadership structure, was reorganized. The restructure helped create a more efficient and effective operation.
Benefit:Edvocate provided the district with four options (two self-operated and two outsourced) for the reorganization of the custodial, maintenance and grounds functions. While the total square footage of the district increased by 70%, the options ranged from a 14% increase (self-operated) to a 26% decrease (completely outsourced) in their existing budget. Each option would create a stronger central management function and increase the quality of the cleanliness of the schools to a more consistently high standard, while raising the accountability of the staff. In the end the Board chose the self-operated option for custodial and maintenance, while contracting grounds.