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Rochester City School District Case Study

“Edvocate listened to our concerns and responded with a detailed process and professional approach. Their insight into our current situation and knowledge of the industry was a major factor in Rochester’s ability to move our program forward both financially and operationally. I would say they exceeded our expectations and would highly recommend them”.
– Mr. James R. Fenton, Senior Director of Operations

Client:Rochester City School District, New York
Situation:The 3rd largest New York State District wanted an objective assessment of their current program and a path through a tightly controlled state RFB process. The District would maintain staff on their payroll and outsource management only.
Edvocate:Toured the facilities, interviewed key stakeholders and observed all methods of service delivery. The resulting report allowed the district to focus on the critical program areas requiring change; Including Nutrition, Menu, Financial, and Staff development. They were able to use this guideline to muster the necessary support from the District and community to address the concerns of a system feeding over 30,000 children per day. Edvocate then worked with the State to craft a compliant RFB that still addressed issues of concern to Rochester and provided for a flexible decision base.

Despite a compressed timeline, we were able to elicit sufficient interest from both regional and national companies to ensure a meaningful and competitive process. Prior RFB attempts had resulted in single responses.

We provided a complete analysis of the three major proposals and interfaced with all companies on the districts behalf including the selection and interview of the successful candidate.

The success in the first phases of the project resulted in Edvocate being retained as an ongoing monitor for the contracted program.

Result:The District changed companies after receiving proposals that significantly increased the quality of the offer and improved the projected financial condition of a $17 million dollar budget in the process.
Benefit:The District has gone from a program under criticism by the community to one endorsed by those same critics. The improved financials will enable much needed renovation to a dated central kitchen facility.