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Hamilton Township School District Case Study

“Edvocate helped us achieve substantial financial and service delivery improvements in our food service program. Because of their extensive knowledge and experience of food service and food service management companies they were able to write a favorable RFP for the district. Then analyzed the proposals and most importantly negotiated a very favorable contract for us with the food service management company. After the RFP process we retained them to monitor our contract with the food service management company. We have just renewed their contract for the third time. We are very, very pleased with their services.”
– Mrs. Carol Chiacchio, Assistant Superintendent for Business

Client:Hamilton Township School District, New Jersey
Situation:The seventh-largest district in New Jersey put its food service program out for RFP, off cycle, resulting in a very compressed time line. The District wanted to maintain their staff on their payroll and convert to management company payroll via attrition.
Edvocate:Wrote the RFP and accompanying data structuring it to ensure District staff remained on District payroll then converted via attrition to the food service management company’s payroll.Ensured there was sufficient competition.

Interfaced with the food service management companies and answered their questions.

Analyzed the proposals and prepared a financial and operational comparison.

Negotiated a very favorable contract and financial terms, including substantial program upgrades and investment from the food service management company.

Provided the district with a comprehensive interview questionnaire and participated in interviewing/selecting the food service management company’s on-site manager candidate.

Now provides on-going monitoring to ensure what was proposed and contractually agreed to is being delivered, ensuring year-over-year incremental improvement in the program.

Result:The district changed food service management companies after Edvocate increased competition by getting the three largest food service management companies to participate in the process.
Benefit:The result was an improvement in the district’s food service program’s bottom line by over $100,000 (net of Edvocate’s fees) and a $270,000 investment was made by the selected food service management company for program improvement and a point-of-sale computer system.