Edvocate School Support Solutions:
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Processes We Use

Whether your food service or facilities programs are self-operated or outsourced, Edvocate’s proven successful processes will improve service delivery and provide savings for your school district.

Our processes contain components of these seven crucial tiers:

  1. Establish and adhere to your goals
  2. Encourage commitment from district leadership down
  3. Understand your district’s culture to determine your needs, concerns and expectations
  4. Measure and benchmark current operations
  5. Develop a comprehensive improvement plan
  6. Ensure a successful implementation of the changes
  7. Measure and follow up with ongoing monitoring

Program Analysis and Assessment Services
This process provides an unbiased comprehensive analysis and assessment of your self-operated or contracted food service or facilities program and delivers recommendations for improvement of service delivery and cost savings. If choosing to outsource , we ensure a successful transition from self operated to outsourced.

Program Monitoring and Compliance Services
This process ensures your program is in compliance with laws, regulations, industry standards and specifications by providing improved accountability, cost effectiveness and recommendations for continual improvement of service delivery.

Outsource Modeling with Request for Proposal/Bid Services
We deliver self-operated programs a discreet confidential analysis of the financial, operational and cultural impact of varied outsourced services can be. To both self-operated and outsourced districts, we offer turnkey RFP/RFB services, from request creation through selection and contract negotiations.