Edvocate is the premier consulting company dedicated exclusively to improving food service, custodial, maintenance and grounds programs for K-12 school districts, whether they are self-operated or contracted.

Our proven processes and solutions save school districts money and always save administrators time, alleviating the pressure on districts to do more with less!

Our proven processes define expectations by first identifying your school district’s:

  • Unique needs
  • Culture
  • Challenges
  • Goals

Improvements are then made through our turnkey processes for:

  • Program Analysis and Assessment
  • Outsource Program Modeling
  • Request for Proposals/Bids
  • Program Monitoring and Compliance
  • Shared Services


  • Maximized cost efficiencies
  • Improved Food Service surplus
  • Redefined and improved department performance standards
  • Optimal and improved service delivery
  • Our fees are typically funded from cost efficiencies and improved service delivery

Our commitment:
We are proponents for neither outsourcing nor self-operation; our sole commitment is to your district’s best interests.