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June 13, 2021 Winslow Public Schools retains Edvocate to renegotiate contract with outsourced managment company & retains them for Contract Monitoring

Winslow School District’s facilities contractor was not performing to the District’s satisfaction, principals were not pleased with the services, and the buildings were not clean.

“Originally, our facilities contractor was not performing to our satisfaction. Edvocate inspected our schools reviewed our specifications and contract. They determined what was in the contract and what needed to be changed to deliver the services to our satisfaction. They restructured the contract within the current price structure and was able to get the contractor to provide more management oversight and higher staff wages thereby improving services.

We were so satisfied we retained their service for on-going contract monitoring and just renewed their contract for another year, this is our second renewal with them.”
– Ms. Tyra McCoy-Boyle, Business Administrator